DUX F.A.S.S.T.​

           A Martial Art For The 21st Century 
             Not all martial arts are the same!

​​                          253-223-4327
Master Jack Hyland: Head Instructor
5th Degree Black Belt
Former Champion Kickboxer.
Masters Hall of Fame member

It is un-equalled in it's efficiency

Offering both Ranking and Non-Ranking courses.
      We are unequaled in efficiency and ferocity.
DUX FASST™ is a proprietary combat proven technology utilized by US NAVY SEALs, Ukraine’s bERKYT and other elite military and law enforcement units. It enables the novice or the best of the best to reflexively neutralize a non-compliant, combative or lethal threat, seemingly effortlessly.

Hyland Fighting System/Dux F.A.S.S.T. is unequaled in efficiency.
With a variety of martial art fighting techniques, we are prepared to help you choose a training program that suits your needs.
The classes will be small for faster skill development. You will learn fighting angles, how to use your weapons and a battle plan that will be easy to execute, without complicated movements. Private lesson also available.

We offer lessons for everyone including Law Enforcement and Military.
The Professional Edge